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45 passengers

No toilets
on board

Wheelchairs accessible
(3 max)

Outdoor Activity :
Provide suitable clothing

Free Live Commentary

Dogs on leash

*Free leaflet (printed commentary) available in 6 languages : English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and French.



What is the capacity of the boat?

The boat has a capacity of 45 passengers

Are there toilets on board?

No. Free public bathrooms are available near the pier, at the entrance of the picnic area.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible ?

La Luce is wheelchair accessible in spite of few steps with a removible access ramp (Up to 3 manual wheelchairs per cruise only). We please you to contact the reservation team in order to prepare the boat and welcome you as well as possible.

Unfortunately the cruise to Ancenis Market is not accessible to disabled persons with wheelchairs.

Is the boat heated ?

The boat is open but a roof shelter the passengers from rain and sun (Except front places).

Can the boat navigate in low water periods?

Our boat La Luce is suitable for navigation on the River Loire. Thanks to a flat bottom it can navigate throught (or between) the sandbanks even when the water level is low.

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The booking service is available by phone from 10am to 12.30pm and from 2 to 6pm from April to October. (Closing time at 5pm from November to March).

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